Average waiting time of French taxis

Moving from one place to another in France from the door of your house or from the airport to another point has become a necessity in such a large country because of its characteristics it is a country visited by people from all over the world, most of them the means of transport used on the basis of income, are taxis, it is possible to select a cheap taxi to the center or the airport, a comfortable transfer for the family and with the child, mini bus for a large group of tourists or transfers of luxuries; clearly the time in which we will be waiting for the means of transport will depend on several things, the first of the distance in which you find yourself as such, the second the traffic in which that area is if it is very populated. The waiting time will vary from those points mentioned above, usually when a taxi is booked in advance, this should be 15 minutes before the waiting point, not having a reservation and having to reserve the same day the time will depend on the place where the taxi driver is; how it can last 10 minutes, it can last up to half an hour and the user cannot say anything since the service is requesting it at the moment. To get to the center of Paris from the Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) you have three transport options: train, bus or taxi. A cheap means of transport is the RER regional train; it takes about 50 minutes to get to the center and costs only € 11. The bus is another cheap option. You can find tickets from € 11.5 and the duration of the trip is around 70 minutes. The fastest way to get to the center of the city is the taxi. The taxis from the airport Charles de Gaulle to central Paris charge a flat rate of 60 €.

But we are talking about that it is faster and safer taking into account the conditions that are offered in the different pages throughout France, let me tell you that all the companies that offer the service of taxis in France ( taxi ) have left a mark which has marked the history in the different steps of the years, the measurement time and the expenses generated by transporting us from one place to another greatly influence, a taxi is obliged to provide an effective and efficient service, so it cannot wait long for the user, otherwise there could be disagreements with it. The company gives a maximum time of half an hour in case the taxi had some delay or some mechanical damage, and if this does not arrive the company is forced to return the money as you paid it, since they did not give the expected service. A relevant fact regarding the waiting time will undoubtedly be the weather, since if we book a luxury taxi, under strong climatic conditions, it will not be able to move quickly and easily, which will generate a longer time than agreed, in terms of Recollection areas outside the city if they are a little slower and they will bring you to a certain point, not where you initially started from, but wait for you at a neutral point to take care of the conditions of your cars and the safety of drivers.

If for reasons your flight is delayed in arriving in France and you already made the reservation with a taxi company, but did not give you time to notify the company that your flight was delayed, the taxi will be waiting for you by regulation for 15 minutes, if in that time you arrive and manage to take the perfect taxi, but otherwise the taxi can wait for you for up to one hour without any commitment taking into account that an additional cost will be charged for the delay, all the companies have different standards, policies and procedures that will allow you to adapt to them, but if it is not the case of the taxi wait 60 minutes and you do not board the taxi, keep in mind that due to poor compliance there will be no refund from that company. Companies like taxi cab or easy taxi are characterized by checking the arrival time so that the driver does not have to wait so long and that you as a user do not lose your taxi already paid, they allow you to enter in your applications the time you leave. your house, in which you will board the plane and the time that your flight will last, which allows us to provide a service of comfort and quality. A system created with the aim of providing the best service in all of France, although we know all experience is born of the first action, so it is worth mentioning that waiting times will be ideal for the user to receive the best care, and the least Possible waiting time if the user has to wait for the requested taxi.

Studies have affirmed that patience is a gift that not everyone has, gift, that both taxi drivers and the user should have, because if the driver is impatient and does not know how to wait the company can lose, otherwise if the user is impatient You may lose all the money you paid in advance for the service. Although we know the taxi has to wait for the user since it is his duty, but if the user does not wait for the taxi who would lose the user would not be the taxi company. It is very important to know that Users expressly acknowledge that the duly registered Driver Users are the ones who exclusively provide the transfer, transport or taxi services to the Passenger Users in a personal capacity. Because the geo-location service is provided in real time, many companies do not guarantee the availability of taxis, which will depend on the location of the user and the proximity of a taxi when it uses the application, so that the waiting time much less which would be the most ideal for the user since he needs the medium to the immediate. It is the duty of the taxi to notify the user, the waiting time if there is any delay or if he has to wait a little longer to notify that it will have an additional cost. Many people who travel to different tourist destinations tell their anecdotes with different companies, such as Esteban Larios a Puerto Rican man who visited France once a year, he always made reservations with a different company to study the service a bit of the taxis between France and Italy, where he had to take a plane for more than 7 hours to get to his destination the plant would get off the plane and go in search of his taxi, who mostly was waiting for a charismatic gentleman with a small label Larios family said, and drove to the destination, on one occasion the plane was delayed and the taxi waited for about 30 min, when we left the driver told us, what happened I thought they would not come, was about to go away Mr. Larios just answered, here we are our flight left 10 minutes later than agreed and they did not give us our bags, a thousand apologies said Mr. Larios, at the end when I take him to his destination he thanked the taxi for the wait and gave A tip of 20 euros, the taxi driver left with a smile on his face. The journey time from the center of Paris or Disneyland to the airports of Charles de Gaulle and Orly is between 40 and 60 minutes. It is always recommended to request the transfer back at least two and a half hours in advance, the area considered as Paris includes all postal codes starting with 75. Since if they start with another number can cause amounts, if you fly from Beauvais, the Travel time to Paris is 90 minutes to Disneyland and reservations are always requested at least 3 hours in advance.

he waiting time has its highest value in the hours of the night, at zero and one hour showing almost constant behavior until five hours; from that moment on, it progressively decreases, reaching its minimum value in the morning hours. Therefore it is concluded that the waiting time is shorter in the hours of the day than in the hours of the night since the greater number of taxis offered, the shorter the time that must pass before the passenger agrees to take the service and /or vice versa. Unlike the waiting times in Italy where you have to wait for the assistant to indicate the time when the taxi will appear to look for you at the airport which often generates confusion since you are the one who should have the time, but in this case you must wait until a taxi is vacated and can pick you up even if you have made the advance reservation. Although you have the possibility to call a radio taxi, this, carries an additional cost, because the taximeter starts running as soon as the taxi driver receives the call. The extra costs are fixed as follows: 2 euros if the arrival is planned in 5 min., 4 euros if it is planned in 10 min. and 6 euros if they spend 10 min. The telephone operator will communicate the expected waiting time and the corresponding amount. When the taxi arrives to pick up the client, if the taximeter shows a higher amount than expected, the difference should be discounted at the end of the trip.

As it happened to Bruce who was going to visit his family on the same day, he was an hour from France and 30minutis from his parents’ house by taxi, for arriving faster he did not make any reservation asked at the airport he was asked for a taxi where he was told he had to wait 2 more hours to receive the taxi that would take him to see his beautiful family, he was amazed to hear the receptionist telling him that he had to wait two hours to get to his destination and his return plane left in 4 hours, he felt very sad and decided to call his family to tell them that he would not know if he would arrive on time because the taxi arrived in two and a half hours more to his parents; but at the end when the taxi arrived he decided to leave without caring about anything, even knowing that he could lose his return flight, the taxi took another route to charge more at the time of reading the meter, so he got upset and asked to be taken to his destination, he arrived at his destination but very upset with the man who took him for a walk with the aim of charging more cash.

in conclusion: The wait time reflects a similar behavior with the passing of the hours,If the trip is contracted in the street or through a radio station or using ataxi stop, but the user will take longer for the service in a market ofdispatch that in a racing market since when the service isdispatched has a waiting time composed of the travel time betweenuser who has requested the service and the nearest vehicle located by theradio station which is a function of the density of free taxis in the arearequested and the area of ​​that area, unlike when the service has beenhired on the street where the passenger must wait until the first taxifree arrives where he, that is, an almost instantaneous period. It is the duty of the taxi to notify the user, the waiting time if there is any delay or if he has to wait a little longer to notify that it will have an additional cost.